When ordering you will receive a stand-alone version, which means, a Superkop, wooden board, doppio portafilter and a water cup.
With an easy installation guide you will be able to use the wooden board and stand. Should you wish to convert to the wall version at a later date you can buy the wall accessory. A wall set is available in tree colors for € 28,93 excl. VAT.
You will need to purchase a 58 mm tamper and other barista tools. Take a look at our barista startersset.

In Europe you don’t pay any shipment costs. Outside Europe the shipping costs will be €100,00.
For Turkey, UK and Switzerland it is €50.

The housing is molded from aluminum, the internal mechanism / moving parts are stainless steel parts, made by molding or CNC parts. The water cup is made from food safe polycarbonate.
The product has been designed to ‘last forever’, making it a real tool for life. If necessary, the machine can be repaired by the user. Take a look at the instruction movies.

Yes, it is possible to adapt the pressure and the duration of the extraction, because you do it yourself.

Testers have been using the Superkop for the past four years now and have not required any replacements so far. We expect replacements for the seals and gas spring in 5 years’ time. Replacement costs approximately ca.15 euro and can be ordered via the website. See our instruction movie, in the repair chapter.

Yes, you receive one doppio basket for a double espresso, 18 to 20 gr. and is compatible for a standard the tamper size of 58mm.

You do not have to warm up the Superkop because you pour boiling water into the food safe polycarbonate isolated water cup. During the extraction time the cooked water will reduce to 70 degrees for perfect espresso.
You could heat up your cups to get the brewing chamber up to temperature.

You press the lever down with manual human power. It is very easy to do because there is a transfer of 1:40. The ratchet is released by pushing the lever straight upwards, releasing the mechanism A gas spring is used to return the piston upwards.

Crema is that lovely foam on an espresso which is regarded as a sign of good extraction. It’s actually an emulsification of oils within the coffee combined with outgassed carbon dioxide.

Perhaps the most important factor here is to use freshly roasted coffeebeans as it contains higher levels of CO2. The next most important contributor is pressure.

To prevent the water cup from breaking, we have installed an overpressure valve that opens at 20 bar.
To make a good espresso you need 9-11 bar.

Our system builds up the correct pressure in every pump. It takes 6 pumps. It is fully manual. If you would put the complete pressure in one big pull the arm of the lever must be very long; too long. The 6 pulls are not uncomfortable and allow you to apply the correct extraction time of around 25 seconds very naturally.

The way to regulate the pressure is the speed of the pumps and thus the complete extraction process combined with the volume and grain of the beans. To build up the good pressure you must use a fine grind…

Yes, we have tested several coffee baskets with our portafilter. VST and IMS baskets that have a ridge can be used.

We have not yet tested all baskets.

Tested are :
IMS: B702TH26.5M (18 grams)
VST Precision Filter Baskets – 25-g STD Ridged (18 grams)

If you have a problem with your Superkop, please ask your Superkop shop for advice. If you bought your Superkop in our webshop, please send us an email at info@superkop.com, with your registration number.

Yes, we have.

Superkop Warranty policy

The aluminium and metal components of the Superkop Espresso tool are warranted against functional defects for two (2) years, from date of purchase, when used in accordance with all operating and safety instructions.

The portafilter and watercup are warranted against functional defects for two (2) year from the date of purchase, when used in accordance with all operating and safety instructions.

All other parts of the Superkop that are subject to normal wear and tear, including but not limited to Watercup and Piston seals, O-rings, Safety valve, Tension Springs (A & B) and the Gas Spring, are warranted against defects in material or malfunction for one (1) year from the purchase date, although these items are expected to last beyond the warranty. Proof of purchase is required to validate the warranty period.

If a Superkop part fails, email us a picture of the Superkop serial number, a photo of the broken part together with proof of purchase and we will post a replacement to you free of charge.
The Superkop mechanism is designed with the idea that the Superkop can be repaired by end-customers with the support of the repair manuals and 3D-video animations, which can be found on the website.

Labour charges are not included in the guarantee. The parts are designed to be easy replaceable at home and no specialist skills or tools are needed.

For customers who have purchased a Superkop at a local retailer or an online webshop, we recommend to get into contact with their local retailer or online webshop for the first step of getting their Superkop repaired.

All questions can be directed to info@superkop.com.

No worries! Please send us an email via info@superkop.com