Team Superkop

Superkop is a Dutch design, manually powered espresso making tool for the artisanal coffee lover.

We think, Superkop is for daily use, is virtually maintenance free and designed to last forever. Making it the espresso tool for life.

Meet Klaas Fokkema, our Chief Espresso Officer (CEO) since 2022.

Klaas, fell head over heels for Superkop because of its clever mechanism and the simplicity of the tool. His daily routine? It kicks off with crafting a perfect espresso for his family. And in the Superkop team there is Jorine, for the special coffee services, always likes to take time to enjoy high quality espresso (actually flat whites…).

Team Superkop

The Superkop story began many years ago by Geert and Sabine.

After another expensive service for their espresso machine, they decided to find a way to make electricity redundant and create a robust but straightforward espresso tool. The challenge was achieving the 9 bars required for an ideal espresso. After many years of trial and error, they have found the solution in Superkop!

And that is where we are today. Superkop, the ultimate espresso tool for life. Our team is buzzing with enthusiasm to introduce Superkop to coffee enthusiasts worldwide. It’s not just about the stunning design; it’s a sustainable investment in yourself and a better world!