Your Superkop espresso tool is designed to perform, but also to last and to be repaired whenever needed! It is easy to repair the tool by yourself. With just a set of Allen Keys, you can handle most repairs effortlessly. Our detailed manual covers common issues and step-by-step instructions for repairing your Superkop. Explore the manual and you’ll be back to enjoying your perfect espresso in no time.

If DIY isn’t your cup of coffee, no worries—reach out to your point of purchase, and they can connect you with a local troubleshooter.

What’s up?!

My watercup seal is too loose, it is difficult to put the watercup on the portafilter.

It looks like you’ll need to replace the watercup seal. Order a seal online and look in the manual underneath how you can easily fix this yourself.

How to replace a watercup seal

Take a look in the manual How to replace the Watercup Bottom.

Download: How to replace a Watercup Bottom

Okay, your Gas spring is too weak and should be replaced. Take a look in the manual or video underneath how to replace the spring.

Download: How to replace a Gas Spring

The tensions springs are broken. Order new springs and take a look at the video or manual how to replace them easily.

Download How to replace Tension Spring

There are two options; your piston seal is too weak, or the watercup is too big. So check the piston seal by pulling over the lever without the portafilter and watercup. If you need to replace the seal, order one online and look into the manual how to fix this yourself. If the seal is okay it is possible your problem van be solved by replacing the watercup. Order a new one.

Download How to replace Piston seal

Hmmm…that is not nice! That is something for our repair team, please contact us via or your local Superkop dealer.

Your safety valve is probably broken or the gas spring is too loose… Let’s check this at our repair team. Please contact us via or your local Superkop dealer!

If your problem is not solved please contact us at or ask your local dealer. 

Team Superkop